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We have a variety of opportunities for volunteers/interns available, many of which take place at our office during our business hours of Monday-Friday, 9-5. We also have some community based volunteer opportunities in the evening or on weekends . Our internships vary by program and time of year. 

Please note that we ask our volunteers to consider making a one year
commitment to working with us. 

If you are interested in any of our opportunities, please complete the the Volunteer Application at the bottom of this page.  You can save the word document below and email it or print and send it by mail.
NAMI Greater Cleveland, 2012 W. 25th St. #600, Cleveland, OH 44113

Please note that it may take some time to get in touch with you, depending on what opportunities are available. Thank you for your interest!

Volunteer opportunities may include:

Newsletter & Social Media Assistant:  Assist with compiling, editing, and designing
agency newsletter. Maintain our social media sites. Filled: wait list only.

Multicultural Outreach:  Participate in community outreach and educational
initiatives.  Prepare / research information for programming as well as
represent NAMI GC at community events.

Helpline/Receptionist:  Field phone calls from family members, consumers,
and the general public. Provide support and resources as needed.

Board of Directors:  Serve on NAMIGC’s Board of Directors. May serve on adjunct
committees as needed.

Clerical/Computer/Data Entry:  Assist with mailings, stuffing envelopes, filing,
making copies. Assist with data entry in various programs.  May help create
or revise flyers/agency documents and or maintain social media sites.
Help staff compile information for programs.

Speakers Bureau:  Present information about mental illness to the community.
Share your story and what it’s like to cope with and/or care for a person with
serious mental illness.

Health/Community Fair: Staff NAMI information table at community events; event based and periodic.



Volunteer Application Form

Name: ____________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________

City: ______________________ State: _______ Zip: ______________

Date of Birth: __________________ E-mail: ______________________

Phone: ____________________________________________________

I would like to help with (check all that apply):

[   ] Writing and posting social media updates

[   ] Assisting with newsletter layout and design                             

[   ] Revising forms/graphic design/data entry                       

[   ] Serving on the Board of Directors or on a committee    

[   ] Helpline/receptionist                                 

[   ] NAMIWalks (fundraising, solicitation, work at event)

[   ] Helping with bulk mailings/filing/general office tasks

[   ] Speakers Bureau (speak at community events about personal experience with MI)

[   ] Community Events (staff NAMI table)

[   ] Support Group Leader (specialized training provided)

[   ] Teacher (NAMI programs, i.e. Family to Family; special training provided)

[   ] Multicultural Outreach (community programs, clerical assistance, dept. support)

[   ] Other: _____________________________________________________

I have special skills to offer in the following areas: _____________________________

Are you currently working/volunteering?_____________________________________

Please list a professional reference/contact information:_________________________

I have prior experience with mental illness: [   ] No

[   ] Yes, explain: ________________________________________________________

I am available to help at the following times:

[   ] Mornings   [   ] Evenings   [   ] Afternoons [   ] Weekends [   ] Weekdays [   ] Variable

*note that our office opportunities are M-F; other roles may be at night or weekends

I prefer to work:

[   ] regular schedule   [   ] intermittently         [   ] Other ____________________

How did you learn about our volunteer opportunities?

[   ] From a friend/family         [   ] Newsletter             [   ] Word of mouth

[   ] website or online               [   ] From a mental health professional

Describe what you want to get from your volunteer experience with this organization:

[   ] Increase skills (specify what areas: _________________________________)

[   ] Networking opportunities

[   ] Social interaction/fun!

[   ] A sense of giving something back/being of service

[   ] Association with the other professionals involved

[   ] An activity different from my work life

[   ] To support my recovery

[   ] Other: ____________________________________________________________


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