Local Mansfield veteran advocates for others through social work

November 18, 2020

By Rebekah Garcia November 10, 2020 www.ashlandsource.com   MANSFIELD—Mansfield resident and U.S. Army veteran Antwan Woods takes a short break from his work interning with the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs for a Zoom interview. Sitting in his parked vehicle to chat, he possesses a kind, open demeanor and exudes confidence as he speaks about more »

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Ohio Medicaid seeks company to oversee treatment of children with complex mental health issues

November 17, 2020

October 29, 2020 By Laura Hancock Cleveland.com https://www.cleveland.com/open/2020/10/ohio-medicaid-seeks-company-to-oversee-treatment-of-children-with-complex-mental-health-issues.html For thousands of Ohio parents, treatment of their children’s complicated mental health and developmental issues is so expensive that they must relinquish custody to the foster system so their kids get the help they need, via Ohio Medicaid. Mark Butler — a Central Ohio father of a more »

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Ohio rolls out service to match patients with beds in psychiatric facilities

November 11, 2020 By Laura Lovett Mobi Health News https://www.mobihealthnews.com/news/ohio-rolls-out-service-matchup-patients-beds-psychiatric-facilities The state of Ohio is aiming to speed up the process of matching patients with behavioral needs to inpatient psychiatric facilities with beds available through an online platform. The state’s Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services is rolling out a new online psychiatric bed more »

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Impacts of COVID-19 and social isolation on mental health explored in WMU study

November 10, 2020 Contact Erin Flynn WMU News https://wmich.edu/news/2020/11/61977 Humans are social beings. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented and abrupt interruption of physical and traditional social interaction for many people around the globe. New research by a team at Western Michigan University shines a light on how that social isolation impacts more »

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After COVID-19 Diagnosis, Nearly 1 In 5 Are Diagnosed With Mental Disorder

November 11, 2020 By Laurel Wamsley NPR https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/11/11/933964994/after-covid-diagnosis-nearly-1-in-5-are-diagnosed-with-mental-disorder New research has found that nearly 1 person in 5 diagnosed with COVID-19 is diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder like anxiety, depression or insomnia within three months. The analysis was conducted by researchers at the University of Oxford, using electronic health records for 69.8 million patients in more »

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When You Have an Anxiety Disorder, Courage Is Subjective

Nov 4, 3030 By Gina Perkins https://www.nami.org/Blogs/NAMI-Blog/November-2020/When-You-Have-an-Anxiety-Disorder-Courage-Is-Subjective “I’m dying. Right here on this sidewalk. Alone. I’m going to die.” That was the narrative running through my mind during my first panic attack when I was 20 years old. I had been enjoying dinner with my family at an Italian restaurant, when out of nowhere the more »

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