How to Improve Mental Health at the Office

Oct 10, 2019
By Suzanne Lucas

It’s open-enrollment season–the time when you can change your health care plan for the upcoming year. While all companies don’t use the calendar year, many do. You should pay special attention to the mental health coverage in your chosen plan.

If you’re the HR person tasked with finding the best plan for your company for 2020, it’s probably already done with the contracts signed, but keep in mind the importance of mental health care coverage.

You may say, “This isn’t important. No one at the office needs this.” First of all, doubtful. Second, nobody may need coverage for a broken leg today, but they may slip and fall tomorrow. Your office may be cancer-free today, but not tomorrow. You’d never say, “We don’t need good cancer coverage, because no one has cancer!”

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