Parents and the Pandemic: Coping with the Stress of COVID-19

Aug 4, 2020
By Erin Billups
Spectrum News 1–coping-with-the-stress-of-covid-19

In the first part of this series we took a look at the impact of the coronavirus through the eyes of four-year-old Ruby. In part two, we are focusing on her parents.

Things intensified for Camille Hunt when her mother, who lives in Florida, got sick with COVID-19. Hunt lives in New York. “I was just really afraid. There was a couple days where I broke down and I just cried.”

Hunt’s mom is recovering at home, the worst of the illness behind her.

But even before that, for Hunt and her husband Peppe, the daily inconveniences and uncertainty were wearing thin.

“I’ve taken conference calls in the bathroom,” said Hunt. “I mean, there’s like bathroom tile behind my head and I’m sitting on the toilet because that’s the only quiet place in my house.”

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