Assisted Outpatient Treatment

According to Treatment Advocacy Center, “Assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) is court-supervised treatment within the community. To be a candidate for AOT, a person must meet specific criteria, such as a prior history of repeated hospitalizations or arrest.

AOT laws have been shown to reduce hospitalization, arrest and incarceration, homelessness, victimization, and also to prevent violent acts associated with mental illness, including suicide and violence against others.

Also known as “involuntary outpatient treatment” or “outpatient commitment,” AOT commits local mental health systems to serve participants at the same time it commits participants to adhere to their treatment plans. Developed by patients with their healthcare providers, these plans are highly individual but typically include case management, personal therapy, medication and other tools known to promote recovery. AOT participants receive due process protections and orders are made only after a hearing before a judge.”


Providers of AOT:

Treatment Advocacy Center
Frontline Service
Signature Health
Ohio Guidestone


Please contact the resources below for more information:

Cuyahoga County ADAMHS Board: 216-241-3400
Cuyahoga County Psychiatric Probate Court: 216-443-8123
Treatment Advocacy Center Policy Advisor, Betsy Johnson: 703-294-6001