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Responding To Bipolar Psychotic Symptoms

By Amy Willer | Jun. 24, 2019

A first experience with psychosis can be terrifying, exhilarating, disorienting or feel just plain ordinary. Sometimes it can seem ordinary because it was your reality for a while. Your senses and brain colluded to fabricate something that wasn’t actually there. It certainly felt real, though.

For example, during my first psychotic break, it felt as though my cognitive abilities had reduced to that of a toddler. I couldn’t understand what people said to me, and I couldn’t talk. It felt like I had lost my ability to process language. I locked myself in my bedroom for 48 hours and used a coloring book I had; I did this because it comforted me, and it was also the only thing I could focus on or understand. I had no sense of time—many hours would pass, and I thought it had only been a few minutes. I didn’t eat during this time, and it never occurred to me that I should eat or that I was even hungry.

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