The Root of It All: Self-Love in Quarantine

Peel Dem Layers Back (PDLB) in partnership with NAMI Greater Cleveland (NAMI GC) presents “ The Root of It All: Self-Love In Quarantine.” The Root Of It All serves as PDLB’s annual mental health awareness fundraising event that brings together music, visual arts, and the mental health expertise of practitioners sharing information with marginalized communities. Speakers include ADAMHS Board Behavioral Health Intervention Specialist, Chardé Hollins , and Licensed Psychologist & Author, Dr. Tyffani Dent . This month’s webinar is poised to be impactful with a diverse group of dynamic speakers in the field of behavioral health, musicians of various music genres, and visual artists drawing inspiration from their own respective mental health journeys. Performers include Hip-Hop Artist, Case Bargé, Singer, Raven Rae, and a special DJ set by DJ NicNacc. The theme of the webinar, “Self-Love In Quarantine,” touches on the unprecedented times thrust upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic.
We are proud to have the National Alliance of Mental Illness: Greater Cleveland as an official partner for “The Root Of It All: Self-Love In Quarantine.” NAMI GC brings their commitment to raising awareness of mental illness by providing free education, advocacy and support groups to
both people living with mental illness as well as to their family/caregivers. With your added support, we’re guaranteed to help the lives of those in need of methods not commonly utilized. The support of webinar attendees will ensure that our target demographic of adolescents and young
adults in Cleveland’s Black and Brown communities gain the knowledge needed to approach mental health in the challenging environments that many of them face during their developmental stages.
The webinar will broadcast on Facebook Live. Although it is free and open to all, there is a fundraising goal of $5000. All proceeds will go to Peel Dem Layers Back, supporting its mission in culturally educating, empowering, and equipping adolescents and young adults to live a mentally
healthy life. The suggested donation is $50.

Click here for tickets. The show is free and the suggested donation is $50